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 From sportspeople, to wanting to shape the world of sport business and more, Team ESVIAR actually started as a non-professional cycling team. Established in 2018 with a vast experience in deliveries and sport we combined our passion for logistics, sport, nature and crypto and we have evolved into what we know as #teamESVIAR or #ESVIARGroup.

ESVIAR Group's Services

Logistics services

At anytime, dedicated couriers available for your requests. 

Emergency, same day or next day deliveries to ensure your goods are in time and safe

Winter Sport
Sport events

Mostly cycling events

At your request we can design from zero a sport event. 

Sport has seen an increase in demand and we are looking forward to help you.

Cryptocurrency Stocks
Crypto Investment


Is not easy to discover a new world. Also something new might be the future and now the future is here. We can help you understand better this new world.

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